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Piccolo, BAN1, BAN5, Sprinter R1, Sprinter R1 M100, Sprinter R6, SOR1, SOR2 M68, SOR3, SOR6


With the EggJet20 program you can easily and quickly create and manage print texts, make adjustments on the printer, create error diagnostics and install another firmware. The program is available for Microsoft Windows systems.

Download the latest version (30.05.2023) with user guide.

EggJet20 V07.00-8-09 Installer.exe


With the SourceTool program you can easily and quickly make adjustments on the farmpacker and grader interface. The program can be run on computer with the operating system Microsoft Windows.

Download the latest version (30.05.2023).

SourceTool V00.08-a Installer.exe



User Guide EggJet20 program
User Guide EggPaint
How to import PrintTexts from an older EggJet program version

User Guide SmartCounter Pulse WiFi
User Guide SmartCounter20 Pulse WiFi

Printer Operating Panel

Documents for Technicians 🔐

Error Codes
How to help with TeamViewer
Overview memory contents and battery

Connecting OMRON counter
Launch of HPUnit20 with SourceUnit on MOBA
SourceUnit wiring diagram

Wiring diagram for BABY-20 with MMIUnit
Wiring diagram für BAN1-20 with MMIUnit
Wiring diagram for Piccolo-20 with Switch and LED
Wiring diagram for PRINZEN-20 with MMIUnit
Wiring diagram for SORx-20 with MMIUnit